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Tournament brackets on anything and everything™ Chooszing is the app that lets you create, vote on and share brackets about things you love™.


CONTACT: Wayne Hazle,Chooszing 310-625-6777 chooszing@gmail.com www.chooszing.com

BURBANK February 25th 2017 – The mobile app Chooszing™, is now available in public beta in the Apple App store and in the Android Market, and will be released just in time for 2017 “March Madness”, the NCAA basketball college championships.

For a few weeks every year, people become obsessed with college basketball and filling out their brackets to predict the teams they expect to win. Within a few games, predictions in most people’s brackets go wrong, but people remained intrigued with putting just about everything else in brackets. “Most Delicious Italian Food”, “Hottest Race Car”, “Scariest Horror Movie”, “Favorite Museum”, “Greatest Athlete of All Time” are just a few of the infinite brackets that can be made. Chooszing allows the fun of “bracketology” to be experienced in a social network environment. Users can create, vote on and comment on anything they love to talk about.

Please visit www.chooszing.com to sign up for the beta and learn more. Chooszing was developed for iOS and Android by Flexsin Inc.

Wayne Hazle

Founder / CEO of Chooszing







Chooszing Founder Wayne Hazle

Wayne has spent 28 years in the software industry working for companies like Microsoft, America Online, MTV Networks/Viacom, AT&T/DirecTV. After many years of working for others, he saw a great opportunity in the tech boom to be a part of something he could call his own.

He began with Chooszing in 2012 as a Founder and Chief Technical Officer. The first desktop version which remade the style of tournament brackets was launched. Several more efforts were made to small success. Eventually, all other partners left the project. Wayne saw the opportunity to redesign and repurpose Chooszing as a mobile application.

So in 2016, the Chooszing mobile app began development and by the end of the year, an alpha release was ready. Chooszing will be available in time for March Madness 2017. Great plans are in the works for future updates for Chooszing. Hazle patented Chooszing’s special bracketing functionality.

When he is not working on Chooszing, Wayne is a dedicated family helping with his three-year-old twin daughters. He is a voracious reader, an avid traveler and a (former) motorcycle rider of a Honda Valkyrie.