Chooszing Bracket Contest

Making Brackets Doesn't End With March Madness!

Chooszing is giving Starbuck's or Amazon gifts cards to our power users! From now through April 30th. Sign up at and get in on the fun. Make brackets of your own or respond to those of others. Connect with other people.

Awards will be given in May 2014 for the following:

* $10 - For creating the most brackets in our categories (one card per category):

Movies Fashion News
Auto Food Sports
Lifestyle Technology TV
Music Travel  

* $10 - Highest Hi-Five Count from Brackets (One point each time someone HI-FIVES one of your brackets)
* $10 - Highest Rematch Count from Brackets (One point each time someone REMATCHES one of your Completed brackets)
* $10 - Most Zings (One point each time you ZING a bracket)
* $25 - Highest Count of your FANS and people you are FANS OF (One point each time someone becomes your FAN or you become a fan of someone else's)

* Click to See Addtional Rules

To see the latest brackets on Chooszing, click one of the CATEGORY buttons on your home page and start having fun!

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